8th March, 2021

28 Performances in the AFL Community Series You Can't Ignore

So we've had our first look at all the shiny new Supercoach toys in 2021. Not just the new ones, but our favourites as well. Where do some of these performances lead us in terms of our afl team selection for round 1? Let's take a look:

1. Jack Steele

Looking to certify his elite status in 2021. Showed that he's set for another big year, knows how to impact a match and will be the star player in a very evenly weighted Saints outfit. 101pts in a canter.

View Jack Steele

2. Tom Highmore

Not quite the convincing performance we would have liked to have seen from the young saints defender, but did enough. Competition for spots at Saints is heating up, and Highmore will (fingers crossed) be given first crack in round 1. Should be noted that his 47pts came from only 57% game time.

View Tom Highmore

3. Jayden Short

Scoring 165, Short should be demanding selection in your side on numbers alone. However, is he doing too much? Will he be locked down by the opposition come round 1? Short has never had a tag in his career, but it will inevitable come if he keeps pumping out these types of performances. Such a great ball user and decision maker, Short had a stunning 35 kicks!

View Jayden Short

4. Tom Phillips

One of the line ball calls for coaches. His Community Series score of 134 made the decision even tougher. Most were leaning towards omitting him prior to this match, but this score has thrown a spanner in the works. Able to be selected as a forward, it's hard to ignore this performance. However, it must be said it wasn't the strongest Kangaroos outfit we've seen, and many hawks players who usually wouldn't score highly, did.

View Tom Phillips

5. Ben McEvoy

A Dual Position Ruck premo is a godsend, especially when they are playing the number one ruck role. McEvoy looks set to play mostly ruck in 2021, something Hawks fans have been calling out for for years. This catapults him from a good selection, to a highly recommend selection (borderline lock). Scored 87 with 17 hit outs, but was only on the field for 2 thirds of the match.

View Ben McEvoy

6. Luke Davis-Uniacke

Everything we've been hearing from Arden street about LDU was on full display with his 122. Bolstered by 4 free kicks in his favour, he showed he's ready to be a week to week midfielder with Simpkin as the Kangas build their next gen. Still an iffy choice, not for the faint hearted.

View Luke Davis-Uniacke

7. Jack Ziebell

Confirmed as a lock with 107. Wouldn't expect these tons when it comes to the real stuff, but at his mid 200k price range, we will take anything above 80pts week to week with the occasional ton to pump up his price.

View Jack Ziebell

8. Tom Powell

With 57pts from 67% gametime, the reputation this kid has as a ball magnet is growing. Knows how the find the ball and the umps clearly like the way he goes about it with 3FF. Lock him in.

View Tom Powell

9. Jacob Koschitzke

A six goal haul from Koszi. To put some context around it, many came in junk time and against a pretty second rate opposition. Wouldn't get overly excited about his 130pts.

View Jacob Koschitzke

10. Connor Downie

Solid performance learning the Clarkson way. Only 40pts but the opportunity he was given is promising for his supercoach prospects.

View Connor Downie

11. Tyler Brockman

Brockman kicked 3 against a very underwhelming Kangas defence. Proceed with caution as his possession opportunities my be limited once the actual season starts.

View Tyler Brockman

12. Changkuoth Jiath

Did Jiath just bolt into a Defender option out of nowhere? Scoring 123, he sprung around the backline with a positive hop, gathering plenty of the ball. At just over $200k, it's a brave choice to select him off this one performance.

View Changkuoth Jiath

13. Jye Caldwell

Did everything we thought he would. Link work through the midfield, tough ground ball wins, and supported the defenders with hard running both ways. Scored 87pts from 67% gametime. Seems a good mid price risk.

View Jye Caldwell

14. Jordan Clark

One of the more eye catching performances of the community series. Scoring 119, Clark had 22 kicks and only played 66% of the match. At just over $200k, he has bolted into lock territory in defence.

View Jordan Clark

15. Tim Taranto

Been high on many coaches list for the past 2 years, only to suffer injuries. Taranto looked like the midfielder we hoped he be in his hit out against Swans. At a discounted price in the mid $400s, you are likely getting yourself a $550+ value player. Close to a must have. Got himself 106pts with in and under work and high metres gained.

View Tim Taranto

16. Tanner Bruhn

The kid kicked 4 goals and announced himself as cash cow option. Many thought Bruhn wouldn't be ready for senior footy in 2021, but boy did he put those concerns to rest. Looked every bit ready and GWS will want to win the young talent over, so expect more opportunity than initially thought.

View Tanner Bruhn

17. Toby Greene

Sometimes we need a reminder of how good a player is - and Toby Greene gave that in his practice match. With 132pts and 3 goals, he has burnt so many in the past with his missed games and inconsistency, but could still prove to be a match winning POD in your outfit.

View Toby Greene

18. Chad Warner

Young Swans midfielder did everything we want to see from a cash cow with 89pts. Followed the ball around in the mid, got down and dirty, and in general was heavily involved with the play most of the time. This is perfect as it gives him more chances to accumulate points. Right into contention for supercoach selection.

View Chad Warner

19. Errol Gulden

Probably didn't think he would be ready, but had a decent impact against the GWS. A bit scrappy with disposal, he will a popular selection many sides if named round one.

View Errol Gulden

20. Braeden Campbell

Reputation as a beautiful ball user was on full show. A solid 85pts from 18 touches shows how highly his disposal is rated and rewarded by Champion Data. Get him in your side.

View Braeden Campbell

21. James Rowe

Only scored 63 in a dismal showing from the Crows, but interestingly it included 3 behinds. Could easily have been a 100+ score if he'd converted his opportunities on goals. Won't lose any takers off that performance.

View James Rowe

22. Zak Butters

Has he gone past Rozee? Looking a better option, Butters just screams "next Robbie Gray", who we know is Supercoach royalty. Won't have the ownership he deserves being off Broadway, by savvy coaches will see the value and potential in this POD selection.

View Zak Butters

23. Peter Ladhams

Like McEvoy, we love a DPP ruck who plays primarily first ruck. Shared the duties with Lycett, but probably spent more time forward, meaning he isn't really first ruck. A high risk selection that many will steer clear from.

View Peter Ladhams

24. Nat Fyfe

New year, same Fyfe. Strolled his way to a 128pts and didn't even get out of 1st gear. Enough said.

View Nat Fyfe

25. Jack Macrae

Continuing on his obsession with finding the pill, his stats column ticked over at a rapid rate vs the Dees. Shown again that he will likely be a top 5 scorer for the year.

View Jack Macrae

26. Marcus Bontempelli

Kicked 3 goals and pulled a whopping 198pts. You are getting the same Bont you paid for the past few seasons. You can expect these types of score, but also some sub 90s.

View Marcus Bontempelli

27. Josh Dunkley

Can we trust Dunkley to be given consistent time in a star studded midfield? It appears the scoring will continue to rotate at the Bulldogs from week to week (bar Macrae), as there are just too many gun players competing for the same points. Be a nervous selection at a high price, but not a bad one as a Mid/Fwd.

View Josh Dunkley

28. Zac Bailey

Scored 90pts in a sub quality match. Gave away 3 free kicks. Isn't in the premo category, but certainly in the potential to be premo one.

View Zac Bailey

Prepared by the aflsupercoach.com Team

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