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22nd February, 2021

11 Players Tearing Up The Track in 2021 Preseason Training

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It's that time of year where all clubs a selling hope. And inevitably, the w...

19th January, 2021

12 Cash Cows That Are Trending Early For 2021 Supercoach

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They are always the talk of the town. The cheap as chips players that can help...

26th December, 2020

13 Massively Under-priced 2021 Supercoach Bargains

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At this time of year, there is much debate around supercoach bargains and superc...

30th December, 2021

15 Players to Closely Follow in the 2022 Preseason for AFL Supercoach

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The 2022 season represents a crucial year for several players, and there may be ...

8th March, 2021

28 Performances in the AFL Community Series You Can't Ignore

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So we've had our first look at all the shiny new Supercoach toys in 2021. No...

3rd January, 2022

Are These 16 Players Potentially 2022 Afl Supercoach Must Haves?

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The 2022 season is right around the corner, so let's get in ultra early and ...

13th January, 2021

Are These 7 Players The Next Big Things In AFL Supercoach?

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Attack now. Confidential information is about to be released. As...

27th December, 2021

Early Look At the AFL Supercoach Cash Cows for 2022

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The most important element to any team is the ability to generate cash, fast. Of...

23rd March, 2021

Round 1 Hits and Misses + Who Is Trending For Round 2

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Well, how did your team go in round one? There were certainly a few surprises in...

3rd March, 2021

THAT forward line strategy EVERYONE is talking about in 2021 Supercoach

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It's no secret that in afl supercoach 2021 most of the biggest decisions mad...